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Waste Reduction News July 2013
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Fourth of July to Delay Thursday - Friday Collections
Summer E-cycling Collection Events
Local Retailers Offer Plastic Bag Recycling
Are YOU a Polluter?
Are Your Ready to Travel Green?
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Fourth of July to Delay Thursday - Friday Collections

CVWMA trash collection services and curbside recycling collections will be delayed one day due to the Thurs., July 4 holiday. No collections will be made on Thursday; thus all collections that fall on Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5 of this week will occur on the day following the normal collection day. Friday collections will occur on Saturday.

Summer E-cycling Collection Events

Chesterfield and Goochland counties will be providing opportunities this summer to bring unwanted e-waste to special collection events in July and August to their residents. In addition, several of our member localities offer permanent drop-off site locations for electronics recycling. Visit our Electronics Recycling webpage for more information.

Local Retailers Offer Plastic Bag Recycling

CVWMA does not accept plastic bags in the curbside and drop-off recycling programs, only paper bags because plastic bags interfere with the machinery at the MRF (sorting facility).

However, many local retail stores offer plastic bag recycling containers for recycling. We recommend that you check with your local supermarket or visit for availability. Better yet, take reusable cloth or recycled plastic totes with you to the store so you can say "neither" when asked if you want paper or plastic

Are YOU a Polluter?

Just about everyone who owns or uses land contributes to nonpoint source pollution (NSP) in our waterways. Non-point source pollution occurs mainly through storm water run-off.  When it rains, runoff from farmland, city streets, construction sites, and suburban lawns, roofs and driveways enters our waterways. This runoff often contains harmful substances such as toxics, excess nutrients and sediments. But, you can help to keep Virginia’s waterways clean.  Click here for multiple listings of simple ways you can do your part to give something back to our waters.

Are Your Ready to Travel Green?.

Travelers who are passionate about protecting and preserving the environment can use the Virginia Green program for information on “green” travel destinations. Click here for eco-friendly travel tips on lodging, dining, attractions, festivals, and events. Don’t forget to RECYCLE over the summer!

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