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Haunted Locations in and around the Grand Strand and Pee Dee

Frog Moor Light
It is said that a person was once hanged under a tree, near the old church, and then decapitated. It is said that the man may be seen during the night searching for his head.

The Battery Carriage Inn
The Gentleman ghost that haunts this Inn has been described as a handsome, but wispy apparition. He is said to demonstrate a fondness for women by lying down in bed next to female guests. When the women scream, he politely gets up and exits through the wall.

Boone Hall Plantation
Reports of an apparition of a man that seems to be trying to remove a bullet from someone.

Charleston Naval Base
The ghost of a slave girl is spotted in a clump of trees here.

The Dock street Theatre
Best known as the most haunted place in Charleston. It is haunted by two ghosts the nameless ghost was supposed to have been a prostitute. The other ghost (That has a name) is supposed to be the father of John Wilkes Booth, the man that shot Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln Harley Shop
Meeting Street, Charleston
It is said to be haunted by two ghost. One good and one evil. Things are often moved and a strong sweet smell is smelled sometimes in certain places by certain people.

Poogans Porch Restaurant
Guests of the hotel across the street at the hotel have called the police numerous times claiming to see an old woman in the 2nd floor window at night when the place is closed waving at them. Restaurant staff is familiar with her too. There is another ghost that haunts this restaurant, one that is much friendlier than the other ghost, Zoe. There is a little West Highland White Terrier, named Poogan, who haunts the front of the porch. People will feel something brush up against their leg, or hear little footsteps. He has been seen a couple of times, and causes no trouble or harm.

Old Exchange Building
The Old Exchange contains much history. It's basement is said to have held some of the world's greatest criminals such as Black Beard. In the basement, people have experienced chains swinging and orbs. Upstairs, doors have closed by themselves and there are a few cold spots. Many people have experienced such activity.

South Windermere Cinemas
Reports of hearing people walking and talking only to find no one there, after cleaning the theater and putting up all the seats, upon returning to find all the seats down or every other row down or sometimes every other seat down, sometimes pictures can be taken of what seems to be ghostly apparitions.

St. Philips Graveyard
The ghost of Sue Howard who's baby died still haunts the place, and is said to frequently attack women who are pregnant or have had miscarriages. There is also proof of her existence by a photograph taken by a photographer in the 80's doing a piece on Charleston's graveyards.

The Rutledge Victorian Guesthouse
A young girl died in a fire many years ago and they rebuilt the house in the 80's. The girl is known to turn lights on and off and people have seen her eyes peering in from a window above the stairs. They say you can occasionally smell smoke from the girl carrying the scent through the house.

White Point Gardens (The Battery)
Spirits of the pirates that were hung there have been seen walking the park in search of there executioners.

Yeoman's Hall
Mary Hyrne haunts this building where she once lived.

Thomas Rose House
Charleston, S.C.
Dr. Ladd traveled from Rhode Island to seek his fortune in South Carolina many years ago. While taking up residence in this house, he got in an argument with another man, so they decided to settle the disagreement with a duel. The next morning, Dr. Ladd decided that a duel was not the solution, so he fired his gun into the air. The other man, who was still quite angry from the previous day, shot Dr. Ladd's kneecaps out. After three weeks of agony, he died of gangrene. He is often reported to be seen in the house, especially in times of distress.

The Chester Little Theater
Many strange and unusual things have taken place there including unexplained noises and apparitions.

Capt. John Blakeney Cemetery
It's said that at night you can see the ghost of the Blakeney family, this family is from the Civil War era.

Phantom Hitchhiker
On US 76, it is said that an old, ghostly hitchhiker appears at the entrance of the bridge-usually on rainy or foggy nights. The lady, who appears to be in distress, is usually offered help by most. The apparition, who is said to be extremely lifelike, gets into the back seat and tells the driver is is en route to Columbia to visit her mother. Giving them an address on Pickens Street, she continues to converse with the driver before becoming silent. By that time, the car is across the river, the woman has disappeared. It is said that in the 1940s, a woman was killed in the spot that is now the beginning of the bridge, while trying to get to Columbia to see her mother.

Fort Jackson: Artillery range
A female soldier with a hole in her helmet has been seen at the range. Apparently she killed herself in one of the Latrines.

Fort Jackson: The B Company 369th AG Barracks
You can late at night see a black shadowy mist of a man (mostly on the 2nd floor) walking to each room like he was checking on his soldiers then go in the bathroom and close the door. Eerie feeling in the day room with the big screen TV. Feel like you are being watched in the room.

Long street Theatre
The haunting of Long street Theatre relates directly to it's history of being used as a military hospital during the Civil War. It has long been rumored the morgue was housed in the basement of this building in a room that now serves as the "Green Room" for the theatre. The "Green Room" actually is three barrel-vaulted alcoves made out of brick. Many stories have circulated among the student population of sightings and strange noises, especially late at night. So convinced are some theatre students, that many refuse to be in the building after dark alone and institute a "buddy system." One student relates a story about being in the theatre late at night for a dress rehearsal and going down to the basement to buy a soda from the vending machine located directly opposite the "Green Room." As the student stood facing the machine, a sudden wave of fear overcame her and she looked over her shoulder towards the Green Room. As she did so, the temperature dropped suddenly and she felt a wall cold air hit her even though there are no windows and the entrance doors to the basement remained closed. The student left in a hurry and later described the feeling as being watched by a negative energy.

Old Bluff Road
A number of phantoms/Ghost. A carriage that races a car, A bridge where your car will stall out, and many more.

The Abandoned Mill
Olympia Road, Columbia
Near the fairgrounds - Several years ago when children were forced to work, there was a mill that a deranged man owned. Many children died of exhaustion, and the owner put their bodies in the furnace. It is a high spiritual place, and there have been many odd happenings here, including the furnace mysteriously turning on and the sound of children crying. There is a story on this web site in the haunting's section. - November 2003 correction/update: The only abandoned mill near the fairgrounds is the old Olympia Mill, Which they are trying to get turned into an apartment complex. It would not be surprising if this was haunted.
May 2005 update: It has mostly been converted into apartments and the first model apartment was just unveiled.

University of South Carolina
In the catacombs, there is supposed to be a 'Third Eye Man', a ghost with what looks like a third eye in the middle of his forehead. The sightings started in the eighties.- December Update: A visitor read the description of the Third Eye Man, the stories actually go back much farther than the '80's, the earliest story they have found is from about 1946. In the archives they found an article written by a student about being accosted in the catacombs by a man who was taller than natural and appeared to be disfigured. Students used to hang out in the catacombs, but they were sealed after several sightings and a student was actually injured.

Lucas Bay
Reports of a light that begins to come towards witnesses, Car motors cut off, & even hear the distinct sound of a baby crying.
January 2006 Update: About 10 years ago SCDOT did some major work in the Lucas Bay area. As a result, the light hasn't been seen in about 10 years or so.

Darlington County
This is a very old cemetery not used anymore. According to legend, the cemetery was moved from the original location. Haunting's include feelings of dread or nausea. A large stone at the front of the cemetery shows the names and date of death of the people buried there. Beware of sunken graves. It also seems about ten to fifteen degrees cooler at the entrance than normal. Go with a fairly large group, because it is very easy to get lost. Take hwy 34 out of Darlington towards Dillon, go through Mechanicsville and pass old Georgetown road. Start down the hill and watch for a dirt road on the right. It is not marked. Make sure you have a driver with good judgment because of the severe drop on the left side on the road up. You can make it in just about any car. Apparitions have been known to show up on camera.

Community of Bingham in Dillon County
A guy was walking the tracks (near Reedy Creek Springs)he was walking with a lantern at night and he saw a train coming and saw a broken track and tried to fix it and was ran over and behead and instantly killed and at night near where the old tracks used to be when you call out Bill Bingham come out you well see a light swinging back and forth like a lantern it changes different colors and it is said he is looking for his head and sometimes the light will get so close that you can see a black outline of a man behind it and its is known to chase you sometimes.

Dewey Carter Elementary School
Sometimes, when you are staying late in the afternoon, you can hear people in the ceiling, and at midnight, you can see fire on the playground.

Tans Bay Church
There have been reports of lights being seen floating in the church. Also you can hear a baby cry sometimes. The story is that this church use to be a school many years ago. There was a baby who was crying and when the lady went to get the baby, he or she fell on their head and died instantly. 

Montrose Graveyard
The old Montrose church mysteriously burned down during the 1800's and was then rebuilt and renamed Mount Hope Church. That burned down or was moved a lot later (no evidence of the church stands now). The graveyard was in such disrepair that they put a collective marker outside of it. Then, during the 50's or 60's there was supposedly a huge black man that took children up there to murder them. Witnesses report hearing them screaming and crying and see a huge black shape, a pair of red eyes, & a little boy wearing a gray "ante-bellum" outfit standing behind one of the only tombstones left there (Joseph is the name on the stone). The area has become a place for people to trash and vandalize, and a place for late night drinking. Very sad really.

Belin Methodist Church
From the porch you can see ghost ships that sunk years ago.

Litchfield Plantation
The ghost of the former owner (he is also a doctor) is said to haunt his home.

"The Midget Man"
Haunted Experiences Noted: Hearing of "Midget Man" weeping, hearing mistress gasp for breath, heavy air, temperature fluctuation, rising hair on body, feeling of lost hope, scary feelings, itchy scalp. In the late 1820's a diseased midget was outcast for his disability. On his journey from the port city of Georgetown, he was to meet the love of his short life outside of the historic city. When he arrived for his rendezvous he witnessed his mistress hanging in a tree. She was being punished for having performed supposed witchlike experiments in an effort to heighten her lovers stature. It is said that the "Midget Man" found his lover struggling for her last breaths, but was unable to reach her to help her escape death's grip. After this experience, "Midget Man" lost his sanity and prowled the field until the day of his own death. Pass Georgetown going down HWY 51 turn left on a dark road called Amos. Follow the road. On the left somewhere go into the spooky field. You will see a big scary tree with bark on it. The decaying bark symbolizes his stresses decaying skin, which rotted there over time. Watch for the stumps on the ground that are said to have sprouted from "Midget Man's" tears. You know it is the right tree because there is a patch of dark grass in the woods behind it. Walk around the tree three times and reach up to rescue the lady, a vague image of "Midget Man" can be seen yonder dancing and cheering due to the release of his lovers soul.

Prince Frederick's Church/Graveyard
Formerly listed in Murrells Inlet: Old Gunn Church/Graveyard
An old church built as a parish in the 1700's. Now burned down but front of church still remains. Old graveyard has confederate soldiers graves. Believed to be haunted by a priest that fell off the roof. The Old Gunn church (accurate name is Prince Frederick's Church) ruins are not in Murrells Inlet, SC but is located on highway SC22-4 off US 701 about 16 miles north of Georgetown, SC. The book "Ghosts of Georgetown" gives a good accounting of the events of this church and its history but there are variations of the story. One version: During the building of the church Mr. Gunn (who was either an architect or Overseer of the slaves) was in the bell tower. It is believed he was an Overseer because when he fell he was not dead and the slaves refused to approach or help him. They feared him so much for his evil ways they ran away and left him to die alone, cursing them. The church was finally finished but had a tragic history and was finally abandoned. They say he haunts the area. Witnesses report the air is very heavy and thick though the ruins are in the open with pine trees around the area. They have fenced it off now so it is difficult to get inside and what remains of the church is dangerous to be around. Make sure you are not trespassing when you visit.

Brewer Middle School
Supposedly a cheerleader was killed under the gym stage after a game by a football player. She now haunts down there near the furnace.

Coker College: Memorial Hall
Coker College has a ghost that roams the halls of one of the dorms. It is said that the spirit is of a girl who hanged herself in an elevator shaft. College students have heard strange and disturbing noises during the night. Alarm clocks will come on in the middle of the night, and radios will cut off without anyone touching them. The elevator Shaft has since been made into a stairwell.

Old Man Joe's
It is known that Joe was ridding down the dirt road and was trying to light his pipe but dropped his lighter. He leaned over to pick it up and ran off the road. He then crashed into the creek and the impact killed him. When you visit him you roll the windows up, lock the doors, and put the keys on the hood. (everyone has to get out the car) strike your lighter 3 times saying "Old Man Joe I got a light for your pipe!" (you repeat the saying 3 times) After the 3rd time you will hear him running through the water toward you.

Lincoln Village
It has said to be a cemetery under some apartments. Late at night whenever you come home by yourself you can hear strange sounds of babies crying and people begging for help. It is said to be a very spooky place. - December 2006 Update: There is an old graveyard next to the apartment complex. If you go to the northwest corner of the complex there is a wooded area. The overgrown graves are in the woods about thirty feet back. The graves are sunken and ground is soft. Some of the graves have holes of an unknown depth around them. The apartment complex itself is abandoned and in great disrepair. Be cautious, the neighborhood is one of the rougher ones. The city police frequent the complex and may consider any vehicle parked in the complex to be suspicious. As police are typically inquisitive, you may get a police escort to the graveyard if ask the right cop at the right time. to find the complex go from 5th street in Hartsville onto Washington street. Just after you pass the RR tracks turn right onto 8th street. The complex looms on the right about one-tenth of a mile down.

Mexican Slaughter House
Old white torn down house, no electricity. Drive out there late at night and you'll see a light on and you can hear people talking. Then you can hear screams and people running out of the house.

Prospect Church
There is an old church located on Prospect Road. The name of the Church is Prospect Church. They say that on certain full moon nights, you can park your vehicle at the very last park on the right side of the church and you can see a man moving the curtains as if in a struggle from the last window on the second story.

The Fort
Honey Hill
This is an old Civil War fort that is said to be haunted by soldiers from that era. Legend states that on certain nights you can hear the battle between Confederate and Union soldiers. The haunting's include the firing of cannons, guns going off, and men screaming as they fight.

Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church
Kershaw county
Feelings of not being alone, sounds of being followed, footsteps on the 2nd floor, children laughing and playing, someone standing in the balcony have all been reported.

Lamar High School
The gym at Lamar High School is haunted by a female basketball player who was killed in a terrible car accident. She died on the night of the final basketball game. After the girl's death, her jersey and locker were never used again. Legend states that on the anniversary of her death you can see the girl's spirit playing basketball in the gym.

School Church
This is an old school that was also used as a Church. Many years ago, it is believed that the teacher and several children were infected with a deadly virus. The place is said to be haunted by the children and teacher that died in the building while under quarantine.

Haunted Farm
Mattresses moving, orbs & ecto type mist in pictures and home movies. One woman was attacked by unseen hands as it tried to choke her leaving marks on her neck.

Gregory Graveyard
Its an old graveyard from the late 1600s to the early 1700s. You can go there any time of day and hear sounds of children laughing and playing, you can also hear a reverend saying words over a grave or something. When your coming back from the graves there will be a path to the left that wasn’t there before if you walk down it you might see figures or faces. It’s on 903 on the right coming from Lancaster town. you’ll pass a come to a turn off on the right just before a gas station keep going straight and threes a drive way that looks like a place just to turn a round there’s a gate that stops you. If you go there on Halloween night just about mid night the path is supposedly to glow a bright neon green. And its best to go with a group.

Taxahaw: Forty Acre Rock
The legend is told you can start walking in the cave at dusk, it looks like its only fifteen or twenty feet deep but you can walk in about ten or twelve feet and see red eyes but no one has never been deeper than that, but it is told that you can walk about 2 miles before getting to the end, and it will come out at big creek (Lynches River).

Hwy521: Devil's Stomping Ground
This area is kind of similar to a crop circle, as it is a circular area in a field in which there is no life, no plants grow in this circle and not so much as an ant or earthworm can be found within. The story is that it served as an execution site for the Waxaw and Catawba Indians. Evil Spirits were said to have frequented the site to collect the condemned souls of the executed. The consistent feature of this site is an overwhelming feeling of dread, despair and nausea to anyone who stands in the circle and takes a minute to clear their mind.

Ghost Creek Rd
Legend has it that a couple was engaged many years ago. On the night of their wedding, the young man died in a car crash on this bridge. If you turn your car off and walk around clockwise it will not start. There will be a white apparition in the trees. The local newspaper has done many stories on this.

Manning Cemetery: Dead Mans Curve
On the side of the road in dead mans curve you can see an old ghost like figure sitting in a rocking chair on certain nights, when the moon is right. It is believed by many that the mans son was ran over and killed in the curve, so he sat there waiting on the driver of the car who killed his son until he died, but his spirit lives on and still waits on the driver.

Strawberry Chapel
Moncks Corner
It is said to be haunted by a young girl who was chained to a tombstone there by her father.

Newberry College: Keller Hall
Moncks Corner
The bell tower of this old and no longer used building is said to be haunted by a young woman who, during the Civil War, committed suicide by jumping out of the bell tower when she got the news of her boyfriend's death in battle. There have been reports over the years of screams being heard in the area and also of actual sightings of the woman herself up in the bell tower, watching from above.

Easter Sunday Church
Mount Pleasant
The story goes like this: Back during the Civil War the locals would attend Church every Sunday of course. This Church was a place that was going to be targeted for "destruction". With people attending inside the Yankees had surrounded the Church and open fired, murdering all who were inside. Years and decades later some of the locals would try and paint or wallpaper over the said blood stains and within a day the paint or wallpaper would have the blood stains seep back out.

Hermitage: Alice’s grave
Murrells Inlet
The Hermitage is not an inn, it is Alice’s house. When Alice was young, she was engaged to a guy but her brother didn’t approve. When she got sick, he threw her ring into the marsh. Then she died. If you go to her grave, which is just a flat stone, flush with the ground, with just her name "Alice" on it, walk around possibly 8 times, your ring will feel a pull on it. 

Haunting of a Boy
Myrtle Beach
There believed to be a haunting of a boy who drown in the ocean on Myrtle Beach. People could not here his screams because of the tide that day. Most people say you can see him swimming standing in the water with a blank stare, and others say if you are very quiet you can her his scream at the tide. 

Ocean Pier One
Myrtle Beach/North Myrtle Beach
Strange electrical problems, doors locking from the inside, items disappearing and appearing in spots that had just be straightened up or cleaned.

Marine Corps Recruit Depot: Old Barracks (Rifle Range)
Parris island
There have been many murders and suicides by recruits on the rifle range. This area is also swampland and there was a partial platoon that got stranded and drowned in the quicksand on the banks of the swampland after they were forced marched into it by a Drill Instructor. I believe this accounts for the constant manifestations in the old barracks (Recruit Living quarters) there have been several Ghost sightings, moaning sounds, and bathroom stall doors flying open or slamming close and faucets that turn on and toilets that flush by themselves. This is something that is common knowledge to most Parris Island Marines but is not widely known to the public.

The Gray Man
Pawley's Island, S.C.
There is a famous story of a man who dresses in a rain slicker, and walks the beach prior to hurricanes, carrying a lantern. Those who see him are safe and so are their homes. Without fail, the man warns lonely beachcombers of the incoming storm, even prior to any TV broadcast. The man has supposedly walked the beach since being thrown from his horse to his death many years ago.

Pelican Inn
Pawley's Island
An old woman used to live here and take care of the Inn...she had two Boston terrier dogs that used to play in the surf. One day there was a little kid who swam out to far and one of the dog went out to get him ...brought him back in and saved the boys life. The dog got sick and soon passed away. The other dog was heartbroken that he had lost his playmate. The dog soon died and now the two dogs can be heard or sometimes seen when the sun goes down on the beach.

On the Beach
Pawley's Island
It's said that a long time ago, a little boy was searching for crabs to feed his family. He went out into the shallows. When he stuck his hand in one of the holes, it got stuck. As the tide rose, the boy drowned. To this day, one can hear the boy begging for help.

Plantersville Church
It is said that when this place was being built a man fell off and cursed while he was falling and on a rainy and foggy night if you are walking by or your car quits you can someone falling and cursing.

Sand Cove Park
Ghost lights appear from time to time. A woman's voice saying "Te papa" near the Sacramento River. Sight was probably an Indian Burial Ground or Mine Shafts.

Old Sheldon Church
There was a woman seen dressed in a simple brown dress dated in the Pilgrim era. She stands near a grave of an infant who died. A feeling of sorrow over comes some people.

Colonel Kolbs Tomb
Society Hill
Legend states that if you go out to Colonel Kolbs tomb at night, you will hear someone walking through the woods after a while. You may even see the ghost of man standing near you! Colonel Kolb and his family were burned alive at this site during the Revolutionary War.

Summerville Light
The Story goes that a woman had a husband that was a conductor for a railroad company in Summerville...and he worked nights. At midnight every night, people could always see her there, waiting by the tracks with his lunch and a lantern ...waiting for him to stOp to eat. One night, he never showed. She was told that the train had derailed or crashed, and he was beheaded and, of course, killed. Although they buried his remains, she would never accept the fact that he was gone, and so, she went to the tracks at midnight with her lantern and walked up and down, waiting for him. People of course began to think she was crazy, but she continued this nightly ritual until her own death. Mysteriously, the light never stopped coming. This is what my mother told me happens at her visit to THE SUMMERVILLE LIGHT: When you go to the tracks, just before midnight, you can hear all the sounds that are usually heard at night, crickets chirping, frogs croaking...the breeze blowing.... but for some odd reason, and this has been the case for every person who has seen THE LIGHT...at midnight, the sounds suddenly just cease. As if a presence has quieted them momentarily. Then you can see it, usually its far off, a light and nothing else ...coming your way. If you stick around, THE LIGHT will chase you. Scared visitors tried to jump in their car and leave and the light came upon them swiftly, and they heard a BUMP on their car, as they sped away. When at a safe distance from the sighting, they got out and looked, and there was a dent on the car, where the lantern hit it. Others have had their car stalled and even a report of having a strange burn mark on their hood.

Church of the Holy Cross
North 261, Sumter/Dalzell
Church Cemetery is haunted by a Confederate Soldier that apparently had an untimely death. Eyewitnesses see him strolling through the cemetery, and disappearing before they can approach him. There has also been a woman sitting in a low-lying tree, with her legs crossed. This is a genuinely haunted cemetery.

Stamey Livestock Road: Booth's hanging
In the early eighties five Air Force airmen drove down a dirt road after drinking too much and ran into Booth's Pond. Two of them drowned that night. Several weeks later the other three still distraught about what had happened committed suicide in a blue barn/garage at the beginning of the dirt road. Late at night you can see three figures coming down the road and walk into the barn, but never come out.

Martinville Church Road
A few miles down this road there is the old Martinville Church. The history behind this church is not really known, but something definitely is unusual about the site. It is a very old unused church and there is a cemetery behind the church with a large iron gate. At the cemetery entrance witnesses heard singing and saw faint lights on in the church. It was very cold all of a sudden(on a July evening) and the air was very heavy. They ran and got back into the car and as soon as they pulled away from the church the lights in the church suddenly went off.

Salem Black River Church
The church and graveyard is said to be haunted by a priest from the early 1900s. his family died from a plague and he was the only member alive. he cursed god and started satanic scenes and satanic mischief. there's a old shack behind the church that used to be his. late at night you sometimes can see a light on in there but there is no glass in the windows and you can also see a figure. the graveyard is right next to the church. there is two grave yards there. the front one is just normal people but the back is the priests graveyard. it is haunted by all the priests of the church. it is located right off of highway 378.

Thomas Drive Vacant Lot
Eyewitnesses have claimed to have seen 5 or 6 rag-tag black men doing various activities - from hoeing a long gone garden to silently joining in on New Year's Eve festivities. Dogs incessantly whining and barking at what appears to be an empty lot.

Sansbury Graveyard
Very creepy!! Feelings of despair and fear are common. Not much to see, but very weird noises and a baby crying.

Airport High School
West Columbia, S.C.
The original part of this high school is said to be haunted by the ghost of George Pair, the school's first principal. It is said that Mr. Pair frequently appears in the hall wearing a dar suit with a red tie. His wife who still teaches at the school says that George has told her he just wishes to protect the students. He closes the doors of teachers that work late. He follow students and teachers to their cars after late night activities. It is said that one may hear Mr. Pair's footsteps walking through the hall through the halls were carpeted many years ago. It is said that this activity was caught on video by a group of adventours teachers and students in 1994.

Old State Road
West Columbia
A railroad crossing where a school bus was hit by a train in the 70's. If you put your car in neutral on the tracks, it is rumored that it will be "pushed" across the tracks by the spirits of the dead children. Reports of visitors putting baby powder on their bumper and seeing hand prints after their episode.

Back in the 1800's, there was a woman by the name of Mary Ingelman. The townspeople believed she was a witch. She was the first woman in the State of South Carolina tried by a court and sentenced to death for witchcraft. They tried to hang her in the magnolia tree beside the courthouse. A man from the town felt sorry for her, and cut her loose before she died. She lived and was the townspeople attempted to kill her several more times, but was never successful. She lived a hard life, and when she died she came back to haunt the area of the courthouse. She can be seen on the steps of the courthouse late at night and the areas surrounding the courthouse, near the magnolia tree.

Haunted Houses in South Carolina
Shadowlands Haunted Places